The Timeless Appeal of High Gloss Doors

While High Gloss doors undoubtedly provide the look and feel of a Modern space, we are most certain they can provide a Timeless choice for your home. 

Among the many reasons we love high gloss...

  • The Reflector.  High Gloss doors so beautifully bounce and carry light throughout a space
  • A perfect partner.  High Gloss doors provide a perfect pairing with glass, or wood grain doors 
  • Crisp and Clean.  High Gloss doors can lend a crisp, clean, fresh look to any space

    High Gloss doors provide a vibrant, durable, lasting finish that'll shine on right there with you year after year. -Timeless! 

Types of High Gloss Finishes

Mix-it Modern is proud to offer a collection of Lacquered High Gloss, as well as Thermofoil High Gloss custom doors in a variety of beautiful colors.

Our Lacquered High Gloss doors are rich with color and provide lasting durability, and are among the finest High Gloss doors in the marketplace. Multiple lacquering and ultraviolet curing stages result in a beautiful high gloss finish. These doors undergo a UV curing process, providing you with a healthy choice for your home.

Our Thermofoil High Gloss doors are available in both Slab and Shaker style, providing our customers with the utmost versatility.

Our Acrylic High Gloss doors are available in a variety of bright, bold colors -- ask us about the unique edgebanding options available with Acrylic cabinet doors! 

Above:  Acrylic High Gloss (Top) / Lacquered High Gloss Doors - Shining Bright with UV-Cured Finish (Bottom)  

We've made it simple to order samples, and don't forget -- your investment in samples will be credited to your door order! Our cabinet fronts arrive ready-to-hang on your IKEA cabinet boxes, making Mix-it Modern cabinet doors a smart and stylish choice for your IKEA cabinet customization.

Acrylic High Gloss paired with Walnut Doors is a gorgeous combination (Below)

Happy Mixing!

Article credit : Jen Ganzhorn

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