Having a small bathroom can be tricky, particularly if it’s the only bathroom you have. Between you, your spouse, kids, and even pets, a small bathroom can easily feel cramped and claustrophobic. At Mix-it Modern we believe that your bathroom is not only an oasis, but a space that is best served relaxing (taking hot showers and baths) or primping (getting ready for work). The challenge is how can you do either if your bathroom feels too tight? We’ve decided to come up with a few ideas of what you can do to open up your bathroom so it feels inviting and spacious.

Less is More

When a bathroom (especially small ones!) has too much going on, it can feel even smaller in size. Take the “less is more” approach by keeping your colors and designs simple. Try to find a centralized theme for your bathroom, which makes everything come together, as opposed to feeling disconnected. The paint, the décor, and the style have to match. When everything is randomly being applied to your bathroom, it can feel like multiple rooms in one and that is too distracting for any bathroom, no matter the size.

Keep in mind the actual square footage of your bathroom and what you have in there. With narrow bathrooms, having towel racks, cabinets, and even artwork can overwhelm the space easily. Taking those items out can provide you with more room to move.

Functionality is Key

If the minimalist approach isn’t for you, we have a few options as well. If you need to have décor, towel racks, cabinets, and other bathroom bits, then focus on their functionality. In fact, Buzzfeed listed 15 Lifehacks for Your Tiny Bathroom. Some of the hacks on this list include, using spice racks, stacked plate racks, or even mason jars to organize your products and free-up counter space. Make sure that whatever items you do utilize in your bathroom, they complement the space, and don’t distract from it. For decorative items, like in Buzzfeed’s article, find a way to make sure they are functional and not just used for the aesthetics.

Consider the Space Just Outside Your Bathroom

Since you have a small bathroom, tearing a wall down to make it bigger might be too expensive, and frankly disruptive to your home. An easier alternative can be to utilize the space that’s right outside your bathroom. Don’t have space for your towels and products in your bathroom, use a cabinet in your hallway, or shelving units, to hold the items that you need for your bathroom. With this solution, you won’t have to worry about your bathroom space being too tight.

At Mix-it Modern, we not only carry beautifully designed bathroom hardware and cabinet fronts, but we want to make sure that you experience your bathroom at its full capacity. Take our tips into consideration if you’re looking for a way to maximize the space in your bathroom. And if you’re interested in taking a look at how our designs can even help redecorate your space, take a look at our Materials page.