Italian  Glass

Our beautiful Italian glass offerings are effortless examples of style and personality. Whether you’re looking for glass that is back-painted, textured clear, gold, silver, or the most cheerful of yellows – we have something for you! Designed to fit in our aluminum frames.
Grey Oak
Reeded Glass
Celsius Glass
Matte White Glass
Ice Etch Glass
Yellow Italian Glass
Mirror Italian Glass
2″ Wide Frame Profile, Chrome
2″ Wide Frame Profile, Anodized
2″ Wide Frame Profile, Black
2″ Wide Frame Profile, Oil Rubbed Bronze
2″ Wide Frame Profile, Stainless Steel

Textured Pattern Glass

These lovely glass patterns are designed to fit in our aluminum frames. The patterned panels display texture and depth and rich, vibrant colors. Available in glass or acrylic, UV cured. The colors are incredibly vibrant in person — a must see!
Blue Bohemian
1/4″ Frame Reveal, Anodized
Blue Imperial Glass
1/4″ Frame Reveal, Black
1/4″ Frame Reveal, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Circles Modern
1/4″ Frame Reveal, Stainless Steel

Color  Glass

Cheerful, vivid colors.  Designed to fit in our aluminum frames.
Fuchsia Glass
Coal Grey Glass
Mint Green Glass
Pure White glass
Squared Frame Profile | Aluminum or Black Matte Finish


Our collection of Textile inserts can arrive mounted inside aluminum frames, making them one of our most luxurious cabinet door options.  Or, try as a decorative panel for your kitchen island or interior walls!
Aged Silver
Black Stitch
Classic Black Leather
Classic Brown Leather
Metal Wood
Paris in Silver
Global Faire
White Stitch Padded
Dark Wood Textile, with or w/o aluminum banding
wood textile, with or w/o aluminum banding
alpine textile, with or w/o aluminum banding
light concrete textile with aluminum banding
1/4″ Frame Reveal, Anodized
1/4″ frame reveal, black
1/4″ frame reveal, oil rubbed bronze
1/4″ frame reveal, stainless steel