Think of Your Kitchen & Bathroom as Seasonal Rooms

At Mix-it Modern we like thinking about our kitchen and bathroom as seasonal rooms, which means you can change them per season. Now that it’s getting colder outside here in California, we were thinking of ways that we could transition our kitchen and bathroom from that sunny summer feel to cooler, natural tones. But don’t be worried that you have to completely remodel your kitchen and bathroom, you don’t! With minor changes, you can ease into the fall season easily. We’ve put together a list of ideas that we have that can help you switch up both your kitchen and bathroom this fall!

Neutral Colors & Natural Tones

Let’s start with colors. Pick colors that are more neutral, like grey, light brown, beige, and black. Neutral colors help balance out your space, while also opening it up. Huffington Post even puts together a list of The Best Neutral Paint Colors That’ll Work In Any Home, No Matter The Style. They also suggest using colors like beige, grey, brown, and even white. Although they focus on paint colors, the overall idea of using neutral colors for your kitchen and bathroom is to create a space, where the neutral colors will blend in together and serve as the backdrop for accent pieces that are more colorful and sharp. In some cases, neutral colors can give off natural tones. At Mix-it Modern we have several categories that you can use to create a neutral and natural space. Choose from our Textured Woods, Highly Textured Wood Veneers, Sequence Matched Wood Veneer, Reconstituted Veneer, and Wood Grain.

Cabinet Hardware

Not interested in switching up your cabinets, or even your color scheme? Go for richer cabinet hardware that will stand out in your kitchen and bathroom, this fall. We’ve got two hardware products that would fit in your space! Check out our Paradigm Pull and Modern Craftsmen Pull. Both of these styles of cabinet hardware will help you transition from summer to fall.


The Paradigm Pull is described as a “striking combination of polished chrome and black leather. You can even choose from Black/Chrome and Crocodile/Chrome. It’s stylish without being too contemporary and will certainly add some fall texture to your kitchen or bathroom. For the Modern Craftsmen Pull, you can choose from four options like Brushed Nickel, Aged Bronze, Polished Nickel, and Vintage Brass. For a fall-feel choose between Aged Bronze and Vintage Brass, they’ll match well with darker colors if you’re already using that as your color scheme.



At Mix-it Modern we focused on creating kitchen and bathroom hardware and cabinet fronts to give you a personalized feel. With competitive pricing and finished products, you have the ability to modify your kitchen and bathroom seasonally, once a year, or every once in awhile as you see fit! For more information on how it works, click here.