When looking to renovate or update our homes, the focus goes to our places of rest and relaxation. Outdated bathrooms can create a sense of discomfort and can become a source of frustration in our daily lives. Between showering and brushing our teeth, we need a place that puts us at ease as we start our busy days or finish our hectic nights. Modernism is a design trend that is here to stay and forms a sense of peace and collectiveness in our homes. The belief that form follows function leads to clear structural elements. This blog is going to cover five different ways to create a modern bathroom space for you to get some serious RnR.

1.Clean Lines

First and foremost in any modern space is the principal of clean lines. The lines give the room a professional clean aesthetic. Modernism brings elegance to simplicity starting all the way at the shapes of the room. This extends from the shape of the bathroom cabinets, the tiles, the drawer hardware, shower, and mirror, every line should cleanly lead to the next.

2. Neutral Colors

The statement in modern bathrooms is not found with statement colors rather with neutral earth tones that bring a sense of structure and effortless style. Colors such as white, greys, and taupes are favored in the modernist community. Occasionally you will find a color pop in the modernist frame work but these are found in the areas of gathering, such as the kitchen or living room, not in the area of tranquility that is the bathroom. Remember, that form follows function.

3. Woods, Metals, and Glass

The modernist style always shows the structural elements and doesn’t wish to cover them with ornate details. We favor wooden cabinetry, metal hardware, and glass sink and tiles. Using these elements you really get to showcase the form of each individual piece. Suddenly a faucet becomes sculpture and tile work becomes a masterpiece.

4. Minimalist Look

Since modernism is about clear structure elements, you’ve got to clear those counters! There is to be nothing on the counters expect for perhaps a vase with a flower or one clean simple soap dispenser. Begin storing everything in your drawers, even if it’s messy there, once you close the drawer the mess disappears to the outside world. Many of us want to add so much décor for a personal touch once we have renovated. This is the wrong move in modernist design. The renovation serves as our personal touch; its simple elegance is what truly makes the look.

5. Statement Sinks

For all of those transitioning to a modernist bathroom, who are exerting incredible self control, here is the element where you can let loose a bit. Vessel sinks are a great way to show modern style as they are grand slams in both form and function. While it is easier to get in your sink for brushing teeth, washing hands or face, it is also a showstopper. Vessel sinks come in circular sizing, rectangle, square, and also in so many different materials such as metal, glass, and granite. With the amount of options for vessel sinks make sure to get an individual piece that speaks to your unique style. After all it is the finishing piece that brings the whole bathroom together.

We hope these ideas on creating your new modern oasis will guide you on your renovation journey. When looking for your wooden cabinetry panels to help complete these looks, check out our own beautiful materials here!