Nicole Mersiovsky's Austin TX Kitchen Charmer

Nicole Mersiovsky's Austin TX Kitchen Charmer

Working with Austin, TX based Kitchen Planner Nicole Mersiovsky of Delightful Designs is truly as delightful as the name implies. 

Nicole's clients Oriana and Michael opted for a Rift Cut White Oak wood veneer paired with our Shadow Gray Lacquered Supermatte.  The result is a wonderfully warm and inviting Contemporary Kitchen.  


"We are so incredibly happy with the way the kitchen turned out and the finishes we chose. The materials were fantastic—great quality and perfectly sized."

- Oriana and Michael


Thank you to Michael, and Oriana for making Mix-it Modern doors a part of your home!

Nicole so clearly enjoys the process of helping clients design Kitchens and she makes our job easy by providing such well thought out and detailed design plans. 


We thought it'd be fun to share the word about Nicole's awesome Design services with a fun Q&A...

Let's Meet... Nicole Mersiovsky of Delightful Design!

Please tell us a bit about your company - how you started (or why you started!)

Nicole:  Delightful Design was a surprise for me. I began working for ProBuild Creations LLC when I moved from Houston to Austin. I had loads of construction experience and they had me doing demo for remodels and assembling cabinets and parts for an IKEA Kitchen installer.  Eventually I became a Lead Installer and after making on site corrections to mis-measured or mis-ordered kitchen plans dealing both with the customer and IKEA, ProBuild asked me to try out being a planner. I am addicted to graph paper, designing spaces and processes for efficiency and aesthetics and so it worked out great, super great. One day they sat me down and said they were going to "take me off of their books" and I thought I was getting laid off, but they wanted to help me start my own company! I still work very closely with them. Good people is a major understatement! 
I endeavor to treat each client as I would want to be treated myself. Each project deserves a blank page and an open mind, not a preconceived list of products or ideas. I am a "variety is the spice of life" kind of person, totally love that we are each unique, and I can not imagine trying to plan kitchens everyday using only one design philosophy. Walking into a clients home, listening to their ideas, seeing the things they choose and love, asking how they use the space and how they want to be able to better use the space is what guides me to present the options that fit their dreams best. Seeing the beauty and feeling the appeal of different styles of design is fun to me. Being unbiased to a form and open to the ideas that my clients have inspires me to approach their plans as if I were them, but with my depth of knowledge on the subject of remodeling.
Providing a plan for purchase and installation that they can execute confidently for a fair price is just part of the package. Specializing in kitchens and bathrooms requires more of the construction knowledge I have and I use that to the advantage of my clients."

Why do you enjoy incorporating IKEA cabinets and Mix- it Modern doors into your projects? What benefits / flexibility do you see that combo can provide to your clients?

Nicole:  "This is my favorite question! I need to work for and with good people. I also need to feel confident and proud of the products and services that I recommend to people. IKEA is not just your average kind of company. They are not perfect but they do care about where their products are made, what they are made of and how they treat their employees and our planet. Their kitchen cabinets have an incredibly functional design, the use of space is super efficient, the modular options make them easy to customize and the products are rigorously tested and very solid..."
"Now IKEA has this amazing base product but only a select few options for the overall look. It is one of the main things that I have heard IKEA kitchen customers complain about. Well, problem solved y'all! The products that Mix it Modern makes and ships to our clients have been hailed as beautiful, perfect, amazing, and 'exactly what I wanted!' The color and finish options are just what people are looking for. With fronts from Mix it Modern there's just so much more you can dream up, and you can feel good about it...they do business in a way that makes me feel like I'm part of their family business and they are part of mine, even though we are more than 1,400 miles apart. Thanks Jen and everyone with Mix-it Modern!"

Is there anything about Mix-it Modern offerings, or your overall experience with us that really helped to contribute to making this a successful project for you?

Nicole:  This project was running a little behind because of a negative experience with a separate vendor and we were really just on the edge, trying to get everything to work out within the time frame we had. Once Jen at Mix-it Modern was part of the equation there were samples on the way and estimates available... estimates that matched my plan, exactly, the first time... the product was superior yet the prices were not overblown and they had exactly what the client was looking for, so it was a breath of fresh air in the project and we never looked back.

(Note from Jen:  Aww yay...thank you Nicole! So happy to know this.)

Is your client base focused on Austin-area clients, or can you create Mix-it Modern + Ikea cabinet design plans  for clients nation-wide?

"I can definitely assist clients nationwide, completely remotely.  I work all over Texas and most of my clients are in the Austin area."

Tell us a bit about this project!  Is there anything special about what your clients wanted, or design challenges faced?

Nicole:  This was a wonderfully intricate project. The clients mostly knew what they were looking for design wise but just needed assistance with knowing what was possible, what was available and how to make it all work. The countertop on the peninsula was something a little complicated that we tackled up front even though I'm not a countertop speciaist I know how they are made and installed and what type of considerations they need from the cabinet side so that was a fun puzzle. The island went through several morphs during the process. The material they used for the fronts was so important to them and they took some time deciding exactly what they wanted, which is smart! They had already decided on an integrated panel fridge when I met them, which was super cool and looked great in their plan. 


Any hopes or dream projects you'd like to share and invite into your world?

Nicole:  It would be amazing to fill my schedule with remote projects across the country and I hope people will start reaching out for that more. Being able to work from anywhere there's wi-fi is a real dream and it would allow me to spend so much more time with my family... I really love all my projects from the teenie tiny rental homes to the kitchens with butler pantries, business entryways and office break rooms. In my dreams my work catches the eye of a house flipper (or a few) who give me a handful of projects each month with a little direction and a lot of free reign. 
Fun facts about Nicole: "Both sides of my family have great Texas heritage stories that I love to share, I've lived all over the US, once upon a time I was a Karaoke DJ, and my impromptu wedding is also on YouTube!"

If Delightful Design had a theme song, what would it be? 

Nicole:  "A theme song for Delightful Design? I asked my husband and he promptly sent me the Wonder Woman Theme song, kudos babe! However I feel like it would be more like the Indiana Jones Theme song... yes."


(Indiana Jones as a theme song!  We love it...!)

In need of a Kitchen Designer to help plan your renovation?

Reach out to Nicole and Delightful Design here (and don't forget to say 'hi' from us):  Houzz


 We love all the special touches that make a house a home. It's amazing how the simple addition of modern house numbers can transform a space!  And don't forget...we offer floating shelves too!