A Love for Color. A Love for Design. A Love for Home.

We are cabinet makers.  We are designers.  We are family.  We appreciate beauty.  We appreciate timeless style.  We appreciate You.  Mix-it Modern is your trusted source for luxury custom made doors for  IKEA and custom cabinetry.  Based in sunny Southern California, our doors ship nationwide.

Hi, I’m Jen.  Co-Founder of Mix-it Modern.  After working more than 15 years in the Remodeling and Custom Cabinetry Industry, I’ve seen time and time again how cabinetry can transform a room.  Eventually I found myself dreaming of providing clients with a fun, approachable way to shop for beautiful doors and drawer front options.  The custom cabinetry process can be daunting.  Design decisions can be stressful for clients who feel pressure to really “get it right”.  My intention for Mix-it Modern is to put the fun and love back into the process, in hopes that the love and enjoyment reflect back into your home.

Mix-it Modern is truly a culmination of my life’s passions — my love of baking (hence the design “recipes”), my love for photography and long-time pursuit of color exploration, and my continued passion for design and architecture.

Many of our clients find pictures they love in magazines and on Pinterest, yet attaining these looks is often out of reach.  I’m excited by the idea of combining the affordability of IKEA® boxes with the price range of Mix-it Modern’s custom door offerings, because in this way we can provide service to a broad spectrum of clients.  Whether you love mid-century pops of color, streamlined contemporary looks, or traditional shaker cabinetry, we have something (wonderful) for you.  And, if you’ve got the urge to add DIY into the mix, we have something for you too!  We recently installed a new bath vanity into our own home, and along with the beautiful combination of Walnut paired with an elegantly patterned laminate, I couldn’t resist the urge to DIY some flat panel doors in a just-right shade of blue.  The notion of building an entire cabinet with a DIY approach was too much for me to handle these days, but a few doors — that’s something I could really enjoy!

We offer innovative, high quality, eco-friendly materials, and feel proud knowing that our doors are among the highest quality on the marketplace. Our materials are really, really beautiful and we are excited to see how you mix-them and incorporate them into your own space. We are passionate about what we do and the concept behind Mix-it Modern, and look forward to working with you!

Happy Mixing!




Why We Love IKEA

IKEA’s cabinets are solidly constructed, feature industry leading Blum hardware, and provide a customizable design foundation. Since you can buy IKEA’s cabinets without doors and drawer faces, we are able to provide dream looks by mixing IKEA’s well-made cabinet frames, drawers, and hinges, with our custom doors and more. Clients can create truly unique, luxurious looks for less.

Mix-It Modern’s system is simple. The inside is IKEA. The outside is you and your personally selected mix of Mix-it Modern’s superiorly crafted materials.  Order the cabinet frames, drawers, and hinges from IKEA, and the rest from Mix-it Modern! Get Started Now!