Your Dream Kitchen Doesn’t Need A Massive Makeover

Doing a complete kitchen renovation can be expensive! Hiring a company to do the renovations, the weeks it takes to complete the job, consulting an interior designer…before you know it, what was once a cool idea has turned into a complicated and costly project! But there are easier ways to get the dream kitchen that you want by making a few modifications that make it look brand new! Since IKEA is an amazing affordable option, with durable kitchenware, we thought we’d put together some custom IKEA kitchen ideas so that you can feel like you have a brand new kitchen at next to nothing!

#1. Countertops

The countertops at IKEA are pre-cut in standard sizes, which mean they are ready to take home. Their countertops come in Quartz and Acrylic, with different colors for you to choose from. Renovating your kitchen can be an easy project when you’re just having your kitchen countertops replaced. Oftentimes countertops (and kitchen cabinets) can alter your kitchen’s color scheme dramatically and make you feel as if your kitchen is completely redesigned.

#2. Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of kitchen cabinets, at Mix-It Modern we work with IKEA furniture to build a customizable experience for IKEA customers. This means you get the luxury of buying sturdy IKEA kitchen cabinets without the doors, and then choosing from our personalized line of Mix-It Modern doors, end panels, and even handles so you truly get the kitchen cabinets that you want instead of settling for cabinet fronts and hardware that everyone else buys. This guarantees that your kitchen will be more unique than getting all of your kitchen cabinet pieces from IKEA. We have high quality and stylish materials (like glass, wood grain, wood veneers, and more!) that you can use to customize your IKEA cabinetry.

#3. Lighting

You can get integrated lighting at IKEA that is easy to install that doesn’t even require an electrician. The lighting at IKEA is sleek and can complement any type of kitchen. Since it doesn’t require an electrician, you have the power to really play around with where and what you want to do with the lighting. Use the lighting as cabinet lights, countertop lights, or just spotlights that you need to position in places where lighting is really important for you. Check out this helpful countertop lighting tutorial that Learn Share posted on YouTube!

#4. Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets can be a main attraction in your kitchen. With the right faucet, you could not only have an upgraded look, but also save on water and energy. This means if you have an outdated faucet, you might be paying more for your water bill than you should.

#5. Extractor Hoods & Filters

Depending on what your kitchen needs are and what you are capable of doing, IKEA has fans and hoods that you can use to add to your cooking experience. But note that there is a difference between venting and re-circulating. This usually depends on the type of cooking that you’re used to doing, and whether or not you can do external ventilation. The great news is IKEA offers a range of wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and built in models that are functional and fashionable. A kitchen hood (similar to a refrigerator) can be the signature statement piece that all of your kitchen appliances and decor can be centered around.

A Custom IKEA Kitchen Can Be Yours

Getting a brand new kitchen may be out of your budget, but small changes and additions can be transformative for your kitchen, especially for people who are renting and can’t make renovations on their home. IKEA is the perfect place to get affordable countertops, lighting, kitchen faucets, and extractor hoods and filters. At Mix-It Modern, our custom cabinetry can help you get a unique design that better suit your style than what IKEA has to offer. Our high quality materials include lacquered high gloss, supermatte, DIY unfinished, smooth or textured melamine, and many more stunning choices to select from! Best of all our custom cabinetry arrives ready-to-hang. Getting started on your dream kitchen is as easy as three simple steps!