Switch up the Style in Your Space in 2018

If it’s been awhile since you’ve revisited the décor in your home, 2018 is the best time to do so. With Christmas, having passed, and a few gift cards (or gifts you might exchange) you’re probably ready to splurge a little bit on décor for various parts of your home. Start your New Year off in a new direction by sprucing up your home a little bit. This can feel like a fresh surrounding and a fresh start, which we probably all need after 2017. At Mix-it Modern we know all about creating innovative ways to switch up the space you’re in. For 2018 you don’t want to miss out on these transformative trends!


Shapely  Seating 

In 2018 you’re going to want to rethink your boring sofa and opt for a bolder choice. You can go for a bold solid color that compliments your room, or lean more towards a color that is the focal point of the room. If you’re interested in a design, go for floral or geometric patterns to really add artistry to your room, without needing artwork.

Not interested in bold colors and patterns, then go for a shapely sofa. Conventional couches are not boring but also linear, which doesn’t add any shape to your space. Consider a curved sofa and it will easily hug a fireplace or a rounded coffee table perfectly. Curved sofas look good from any angle and can feel extremely cozy, since they feel as if they are wrapped around you.



Black & White

Separately black and white are staple colors in the design world. Black portrays a dark moodiness that can feel chic, while white has a tendency to really open up your space. Mixing both can add a visual aspect that is all about balance. Since black and white are simple colors that work well together, you won’t need to worry about a wild trend going out of style next year. Black and white is here to stay for years to come. You can even try and update your kitchen and bathroom cabinet fronts by adding a fun mixture of our Highly Textured Wood Veneers in Farmhouse Black and Ocean White or even our Wood Grain with Bay White and Black Coffee. For a glossier look, you can go for our Black Gloss and Bright White Gloss. For fun, you can always add a dash of color as an accent piece, whenever you get bored of the black and white trend.


Lamp  Shades & Design

If you’re using boring solid-colored lamp shades (particularly black or white…no offense to the above post) then you’re missing out on an opportunity to add a simple statement piece by way of your lighting. See sophistication by using lamp shades that use decorative patterns and colors. The best thing is this is a really cost effective way to add some design elements without having to purchase new furniture. Lighting is also the last thing that people usually pay attention to. By adding some fashion to your lamp shades you’ll be able to draw people’s attention to your lamp shades.


Copper Accents

These are perfect for anywhere in your house, including your kitchen and bathroom. Copper adds a rustic element to your space, without going overboard with the “farmhouse trend.” Check out Home Stories A to Z’s “21 Ways to Decorate with Copper.” Home Stories gives really great examples and inspirational ideas if you’re interesting in adding some copper to your home. Some of their examples include:

• Metallic Copper Wallpaper
• Top Flatware
• Pendant Lights
• Pots
• Exposed Pipes


Seeing Red

Red is always a statement color. It’s bold and vibrant. We know red is a popular color during the holiday season, so we don’t blame you for being over it. But consider it outside of its Christmas-context. Place the color red in a different perspective, and reflect on it in your home. You can try doing an accent wall in red, or just buy a few red pieces, like a clock, artwork, or cookware for just a splatter of vibrancy in the space. For a better effect you can add our Red Gloss High Gloss or Red Lacquered High Gloss materials for custom cabinetry.

At Mix-it Modern we do our best to offer high style and modern custom cabinetry for your home. So year after year we follow home décor trends to keep our pulse on interior design and decorating. Interested in finding out more about how you can use our vast selection of colors, textures, and styles to enhance your home in 2018 you can get started now!